The Yin-Yang Balance: Yielding and Assertiveness in Competition

Competition is an arena where individuals strive to outperform one another, fueled by their desire for success and victory. In this pursuit, finding the delicate balance between yielding and assertiveness becomes crucial. While assertiveness empowers individuals to take charge, yielding allows for adaptability and strategic maneuvering. In this blog post, we will explore the interplay… Read more »

Why These Famous People Practice Tai Chi Chuan

Tai chi offers endless benefits and is a practice that will offer a lifetime worth of exploration. In this article, we will learn why so many famous and successful individuals practice Tai Chi Chuan. First, I want to list a few people that I know of who are currently or who have practiced Tai chi… Read more »

Reducing your Blood Pressure with Tai Chi

Often when someone is diagnosed with high blood pressure or hypertension, they can be prescribed medicine to help alleviate the problem. While I always think you should follow the advice of your doctor, I believe that there are many things you can do to counter these symptoms without the use of prescribed medicine. In this… Read more »

Why You Should Practice Tai Chi and Qigong

Why Practice Tai Chi? I have been practicing martial arts for over 36 years, and I can’t recall ever being asked why I practice Jiu-jitsu or Muay Thai, but often I am asked why I practice Tai chi. I could list many reasons, but I will often respond with, “If the only benefit from the… Read more »

tai chi push hands

Tai Chi and the Art of Yielding

In the Internal Martial Arts there are three different kinds of yielding physical, mental, and emotional. Learning how to apply these different kinds of yielding into your everyday life can open up many opportunities. Physical yielding is the easiest to understand, but very difficult to apply at a high level. If we are pushing each… Read more »

Yang Style Tai Chi Saber Warm ups and Introduction

The Yang Style Tai Chi Saber   This is a great practice e to your Tai chi training. The Yang saber form is very dynamic and fun to train. With this form you will build your endurance, strength, coordination, and ability to direct the energy outside the body. The first video talks about the options… Read more »

Develop the Coordination, Agility and Strength of a Tai Chi Master

Learn Some of the Foundational Exercises That Make a High-Level Tai Chi master. This warm-up routine is designed to build basic coordination, strength, and flexibility so you will be able to perform the Tai Chi movements with ease. While this series is often practiced as a warm-up for more intense training it is also great… Read more »

Beginner Qigong Great for a Daily Routine

Daily Qigong Practice for Health In this video, you will learn a warm-up series along with an easy to learn qigong set. Remember your practice does not need to be complicated to get great results. If you spent 20-30 minutes a day doing this practice you will feel stronger, healthier and mentally refreshed. Check it… Read more »

3 Basic Yichuan Postures to Improve your Immune System

Yichuan is an ancient internal martial art. There are four areas of study in Yichuan. 1- Standing Meditation 2- Walking Meditation 3- Test of Power Exercises 4- Push hands The practice of Yichuan is a great addition to any martial arts system. It has many benefits here are a few: It will help you build… Read more »

The Most Beautiful Self-Defense: Fan Form of Tai Chi

Tai Chi Fan is a very beautiful practice. It’s like an intentional dance that emphasizes body awareness and mindful meditation. Observers and participants both can become easily entranced in the methodological and calming forms. Using weapons in Tai Chi is a historically common and significant practice. Swords, spears, and fans are the weapons that are… Read more »