Using Qigong for Insomnia Can Help You Finally Get a Good Night’s Sleep

qigong for insomnia

There is nothing worse than lying awake in bed night after night praying that just once you could fall asleep and get a good night’s rest, only to realize that yet another night is going to be spent staring at the alarm clock as the hours slip by. By now you have probably tried every imaginable over the counter sleep aid on the market and more than one prescription medication, all with little to no success. What you probably have not tried is Qigong for insomnia, which has been found to be very successful.

The reality is that for most of us the biggest reason that we cannot sleep is that we are too stressed out and have far too much on our minds. When your mind is racing like this, the odds of your being able to get a good night’s sleep are somewhere between slim and none. According to traditional Chinese medicine, insomnia is the result of a disturbed spirit or as the Chinese call it Shen. To them insomnia is rooted far deeper in the mind than normal activity levels. Qigong for insomnia offers a simple method for overcoming this problem and returning your mind and your Qi to a more balanced state.

Studies have shown that because Qigong for insomnia is a gentle practice it has a very positive effect on the insomniacs sleep patterns. These same studies conducted in California show that those who participated in Qigong not only slept longer, but were able to enjoy a much higher quality of sleep as compared to those who relied on some form of artificial sleep aids. An even more important aspect of using Qigong is that unlike many of the chemical sleep aids, there are no side effects to using this ancient Chinese practice.

The gentle nature of Qigong for insomnia is perfect for the insomniac as all of the exercises both physical and mental are intended to help relax the mind and the body by calming the nervous system, slow the pace of the never ending activity in the brain and reduce the levels of stress, all of which are contributing to keeping you awake night after night. By practicing deep breathing, and learning to focus the mind will serve to relax the body, which is vital in helping you to get the sleep your body is crying out for.

Not only do most people who use Qigong for insomnia report that they no longer have problems sleeping at night, but that they experience an overall feeling of good health and much higher levels of energy.

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