Your guide to successfully changing your life.

Ever worked out/dieted to loose weight only to get little or no result? Given up your efforts out of frustration? Repeated that cycle countless times? Let’s interrupt that pattern.

Enter the lifestyle hack.

Lifestyle hacking is the idea of making small adjustments to your habits and patterns to produce better results and increased performance.

We are going to identify and come up with simple solutions to the major issues that derail our attempts to change for the better. The rule for the first level of these lifestyle hacks is that they should be easy, effective and that you can do them with little or no conscious effort. Note the key word there, “conscious” Effort will be required but for the most part, you won’t even realize you are doing it.

Simple = Successful

Now back to dealing with those bothersome pounds.

It’s the sitting that is killing you. On average, most of us sit for half of our days. Eight awake hours… on your butt. Now, studies have shown that if you sit for more than about four hours at a time your body starts to shut down. Your circulation and respiration become depressed (often so does your mood) and here’s the killer, your metabolism starts to go into hibernation mode. Your metabolism is your body’s engine and once it shuts down it’s slow to start up again.

Our metabolisms often get so beat down by this that we have to constantly deny ourselves just to maintain.

But enough about the problem, here’s the solution. Stand up. I’m doing it right now as I finish this e-mail. Stand up every hour for a few minutes. If you can, walk around for a couple of minutes, Literally a couple of minutes. These micro breaks will actually make you more productive. Set a timer on your computer or phone so you don’t have to think about it.

Lifestyle hack #2:

Get a pedometer. Just do a quick search on Amazon. Get one and wear it somewhere unobtrusive. More then 20 studies have documented that the simple act of wearing a pedometer causes people the walk an extra mile throughout their day.
Here is your prescription:

  • Set an alarm to make a pleasant sound once an hour to remind you to stand up. Do this for one week. Make a note each day on any differences you feel. Continue if you feel better.
  • Get and wear a pedometer everyday for one month. Make a note each day on steps taken (this is important!). Continue if you feel better.

Just a few more adjustments like this and fitness won’t be something you go and take a class in… it will be something you embody!

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