Using Qigong for Detox as a Way to Cleanse Your Body

Detox with qigong

For those who have never heard of Qigong for detox or for that matter just the term Qigong, it is an ancient traditional Chinese practice that involves the use of synchronized breathing and slow, deliberate movements similar to those used in Tai Chi to help restore the flow of Qi (pronounced chee) or your life energy within your body. This is said to be instrumental in helping to cleanse your body of the stresses and toxins that lead to ill health, both physical and mental.

In a report generated by the Qigong institute it was noted that regular practice of Qigong for detox purposes can help to cleanse your lymphatic system and help your body to metabolize oxygen more effectively.  The report goes on to state that regular practice of personal Qigong regimen can help to alleviate stress and eliminate a number of dietary and environmental toxins from your body. This practice is so successful that it is being used in numerous clinics as a way to help heroin addicts work their way through the side effects of withdrawal.

Qigong for detox is a combination of relaxation techniques, meditation and a series of carefully executed moves or forms that are performed slowly and deliberately. This combination has been carefully designed to help create the free flow of Qi throughout the channels in your body. According to traditional Chinese medicine, all disease and pain are the direct result of blocked or stagnant Qi in your body. The regular practice of Qigong is intended to not only release the blockages that are in place, but keep it flowing smoothly at all times.

The lymphatic system consists of a number of organs, blood vessels, tissue and nodes whose job it is to protect your body from an incredible number of pathogens. When this system is not functioning properly it allows these pathogens to attack your body resulting in numerous illnesses and diseases. The lymphatic system does its job by collecting the fluids your body that contain the various toxins and pathogens and route them to the lymph nodes for neutralization. Qigong for detox is designed to stimulate this system and make it more effective.

What you will also find is that the deep breathing exercises and physical activities involved in Qigong for detox increase the body’s demand for oxygen and this extra oxygen is going to bind with the free radicals that are responsible for tissue damage and a large part of the aging process. When the oxygen bonds with these unstable free radicals, it neutralizes them, preventing them from wreaking havoc on your body and your health.

The good news is that you can learn Qigong for detox without having to go to China as you will find there are hundreds if not thousands of classes in gyms and dojos all over the country. You may even find classes in your local spa or in private studios. Qigong is relatively easy to learn and once you have mastered the basics, you can practice it anywhere, any time and take a step in the right direction to detox your body and allow it start healing itself from the inside.

Here’s a Video on Detox Qigong


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