How Does Qigong for Digestion Help with Both Digestion and Weight Loss?

Qigong for DigestionIf you have ever observed someone practicing Qigong for digestion and weight loss, you could easily be led to believe that this practice is all about the physical movements or forms that you are seeing. While they are in fact a very important part of the whole picture, they are only a small part or a manifestation of what is going on where it really counts. It is said that the most important part of this practice is that which takes part on the inside of your body, and that this involves the proper breathing techniques, proper state of mind and your ability to completely relax.


As with anything you wish to achieve with the practice of these arts, the most important aspect of using these arts for digestion problems and weight loss is to learn the proper breathing method. Often referred to as “belly breathing” because you will notice your abdomen expanding and contracting with each breath, this is natural breathing. To see it in action all you have to do is watch a young child as this is how we all start out breathing before we learn other bad habits.


When you practice the appropriate breathing method during Qigong for digestion the movements of your abdomen help to massage the digestive organs and bring more oxygenated blood and energy to them. This process serves to improve the overall function of your digestive system and helps to eliminate the waste and toxins from your body. When you add the gentle movements that are the various forms of Qigong into the mix, you start to improve your circulation including blood and lymphatic fluids throughout your body.


If you have extra weight packed onto your body, it tends to slow the circulation of these fluids down along with your ability to digest and eliminate foods and burn fat. As the movements begin to improve your circulation, blood will flow more vigorously and reach areas that have gotten used to not having enough. This stimulates these areas to burn the fat and use the foods you eat for energy instead of creating more fat.


Another way to look at this is to examine more closely the fact that Qigong for digestion stimulates the organs that are used for digestion. What you are going to find is that the more you are able to stimulate them, the more energy they are going to extract from the foods you eat and the more efficiently they are going to be able to eliminate the waste. Not only will this help to eliminate many of the more common digestive problems many of us suffer from, but it will help to reduce your appetite, burn more fat and help you to shed those unwanted pounds.


Try this Qigong for Digestion at home:



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