Tai Chi for Balance Can Reduce Falls in the Elderly

tai chi for balance

One of biggest problems facing many older people is that they begin to suffer from a loss of balance which can ultimately lead to falls; these falls can result in potentially devastating injuries such as broken hips and head trauma.  According to a recent study it was found that approximately 35 percent of those over the age of 65 will experience a fall during the course of a year. For those who are living in a nursing home or long term care facility the number increases to as much as 50 percent, something that can be reduced by taking classes in Tai Chi for balance.

You have to remember that most of us tend to get at least some exercise on a daily basis during our working lives, but once we retire we tend to become somewhat sedentary. Unfortunately, this is the point in our lives when we should be taking part in some form of physical activity as once we reach the age of 65 we lose as much as 2% of our muscle strength per year.  By taking Tai Chi for balance, you will be getting the physical exercise you need while learning both physical and mental exercises that have been shown to improve your muscle strength, your coordination and your balance.

In a report published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing circa 2005, it was found that taking part in classes including Tai Chi for balance could significantly reduce the risk of falls in seniors. The study involved a test group of adult with an average age of 78 who were considered to be prone to falls. There were 29 who took part in the Tai Chi classes and a further 30 did not. The results showed that not only did those involved in the Taiji class show marked improvement in their balance but stronger muscles in both their ankles and their knees, further helping to reduce their risk of falls.

As further proof of the use of this art, all participants were asked to report whether or not they suffered from a fall during the study. Of those who were taking the Tai Chi classes only 31% reported falling compared to the 57% of those in the control group.  The results of this study show that regular practice of Tai Chi can help improve balance, strengthen muscles and boost confidence in older people, while significantly reducing the risk of a fall.

A Few Forms That Can Help With Tai Chi for Balance

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