Today’s Lesson: Wuji Qigong

The Wuji qigong is physically the simplest of these practices. It can significantly strengthen the feet while relaxing the rest of the body. It’s most potent benefit though lies in the skill of taking a neutral perspective on our various stresses.


–Wuji Qigong How To Video-


wuji qigongWhen working the Wuji qigong, first align the body properly. Now turn your focus inward and begin to observe the thoughts and sensations that drift across your awareness. Don’t yet try to direct anything; just watch what comes up and how you react to those thoughts.

We identify with our thoughts. We think that what we think is who we are. This is not an entirely true perception. We are that which is thinking these thoughts. Thoughts are just our internal actions much like moving our hands is an outer action.

If the thoughts playing across one’s mind are negative or ineffective then our identifying with them harms and hinders us.

With the wuji qigong practice we train ourselves to be able to take an un-invested view of our thoughts.


Try this mental exercise as you begin your practice. Visualize a Yin/Yang symbol. Now focus on the dark side of the symbol. Now turn to the light side of the symble. Switch to the Yin. Switch to Yang. Yin. Yang. Yin. Yang. Yin…. Hold that moment between the thoughts.

Equilibrium, the space between thoughts or actions.

Repeat that process however often you need to in order to get free of your thoughts.


While simple in essence the Wuji qigong can be profoundly effective for any of us who tend to get stuck in negative or anxious thoughts.

Work this one regularly as a mental reset.



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