The Medical Side of Tai Chi

Are you looking for a fun practice that also helps you put your health first?

Tai Chi may be the answer.

Helps Fight Anxiety

With its focus on both the body and the mind, Tai Chi is the ideal practice to take up for anyone looking to rid themselves of anxiety. Because anxiety can appear suddenly, having a coping mechanism that offers an outlet can make all the difference in the world. If you’ve been feeling depressed or anxious, Tai Chi may be just what you need to reduce the symptoms of your anxiety.

Helps Fight Depression

If you are one of the millions of people who regularly battle depression, you will be pleased to hear that there’s a growing body of research that shows Tai Chi as a viable practice that can provide relief. Your wellbeing is important, and at Portland Tai Chi Academy, our mission is to teach you Tai Chi poses that become your strength as you deal with depression.

Helps Fight Arthritis

Because Tai Chi is focused on calm and peacefulness, it has also been shown to help those suffering from arthritis. In fact, the Arthritis Foundation notes that “the ancient Chinese exercise is hardly as mainstream as aerobics or the treadmill, but with its gentle, fluid movements and proven health benefits, it’s a natural arthritis workout.”

Helps Fight High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a serious condition that many people face, but it’s also one that can be difficult to overcome. Thankfully, Tai Chi, according to the American Heart Association, “may positively affect blood cholesterol, related lipids and inflammation” which can “lower your chance of heart disease” when done on a regular basis.

Helps Fight Diabetes

When it comes to getting diabetes under control, it is vitally important to create the right regimen of diet and exercise. Many studies show that those with diabetes turn to Tai Chi because it’s a gentle exercise that helps to reduce stress, which is a common issue that diabetics deal with on a daily basis. Our classes may be just what you need to keep your diabetes in check.

Helps Fight Stress

As we mentioned above, Tai Chi is a perfect activity for people who are searching for a way to get their stress under control. Stress comes in all shapes and forms — and if you are looking for a way to seek peaceful relaxation at the end of a long day, our online Tai Chi classes are the perfect opportunity to settle into serenity and tranquility with the use of movements that are graceful and flowing.

Helps With Weight Loss

There’s no doubt about it — losing weight is incredibly difficult. Perhaps you’ve tried a number of different weight loss techniques with different levels of success. Whatever the case may be, the most important thing is consistency. With Tai Chi, you enjoy a meditative, relaxing exercise that can also help you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Helps With All-Around Health

At Portland Tai Chi Academy, we utilize a number of Tai Chi poses to help you focus on achieving your health goals. There have been countless studies done on the link between Tai Chi and medical health, and no matter your specific goals, our Tai Chi classes are focused on helping you maximize the retention of the art to enjoy the greatest possible levels of benefit.

From Tai Chi for beginners to Tai Chi for seniors, we’re proud to make it easy for anyone to put their health — physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual — first. As you have noticed, Tai Chi martial arts can provide you with a number of truly incredible benefits. Are you ready to find your inner chi and put the power of Tai Chi to use for your health? Sign up for our online training courses today to get started on the road to a healthier future.


“My stress level is down.. I’ve lost nine pounds [in less than 2 months]… I enjoy it!”

-Becca, A happy new member of our Qigong and Tai Chi community