Qigong for Energy and Health

Qigong for Energy and Health

The practice of Qigong for energy and improved health has been a mainstay of traditional Chinese medicine for many centuries and has been rapidly gaining in popularity here in the US as well as many other western countries. Where once all practices like this were frowned up and treated with derision by most western medical professionals, today you are just as likely to see many of them including this practice in their treatment plans to help their patients recover from a number of different illnesses and diseases.

According to a variety of different sources there may be more than ten thousand different styles of Qigong, including those used in a number of martial arts such as Kung Fu. However, you will find that the vast majority of people practice Qigong for energy and the health benefits that come with regular practice. Most people find that they get the biggest energy boost when they practice their exercises first thing in the morning before they eat breakfast. By doing them first thing in the morning you start out on the right foot and set the pace for the rest of your day.

“Practicing Qigong for energy is really learning awareness.  The energy is always there.  As we become aware, then we can work with it”

As you learn the fundamentals of Qigong for energy, you will find that your energy levels will reach heights that you may not have seen since you were a child. While there are a number of facets to Qigong, learning to breath properly is likely to have the most effect on your energy levels. Not only does this steady synchronized method of breathing introduce more oxygen into your bloodstream, which will quite naturally raise your energy levels, it serves to massage your internal organs and increase their ability to function.

This is because you will learn to breathe using your abdomen instead of just your lungs. Often called belly breathing as you will be able to see your abdomen rise and fall with each breathe, each time you inhale or exhale the muscles in your abdomen will massage your organs. This helps to increase the flow of oxygen rich blood to all of them and increase their ability to function. At the same time you will also be increasing the flow of lymphatic fluids in your body as you practice Qigong for energy.

This fluid is responsible for carrying all of the pathogens and toxins that slow you down cause diseases and illnesses to your lymph nodes, where they are eliminated. If your system is not running at full capacity so to speak, the buildup of toxins can slow down your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients it needs to produce the energy you need. Often referred to by the Chinese as Qi or your life energy, the regular practice of Qigong for energy will not only clear any blockages in the flow of your Qi, but work to keep them open and flowing smoothly, helping to significantly increase your energy levels and your level of good health.

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-Becca, A happy new member of our Qigong and Tai Chi community