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Why You Should Practice Tai Chi and Qigong

Why Practice Tai Chi? I have been practicing martial arts for over 36 years, and I can’t recall ever being asked why I practice Jiu-jitsu or Muay Thai, but often I am asked why I practice Tai chi. I could list many reasons, but I will often respond with, “If the only benefit from the… Read more »

Can Anyone Learn Tai Chi and Benefit from It?

What are the Health Benefits of Tai Chi?

The Chinese mind-body exercise system of Tai Chi has become popular all around the world as an alternative healing method with many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Many stress-weary and disease-ravaged individuals want to take up Tai Chi to improve the quality of their lives and keep healthcare costs in check. But can anyone learn… Read more »

Three Keys to Tai Chi for Beginners

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If you are considering enrolling in Tai Chi for beginners classes at one of your local gyms or dojos, you are going to be embarking on what can be a lifetime journey towards good health, both physical and mental as well as learning an ancient Chinese martial art.  However, as with any new adventure you… Read more »