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How Do I Find a Good Tai Chi Teacher to Guide Me?

How does Qi Gong differ from Tai Chi

Tai Chi is more than a set of physical moves. It is a complete mind-body healing routine that has been around for about 2,500 years. It harmonizes your body, emotions, and soul and awakens your inherent energy and finer feelings, so you may lead a productive life full of purpose and compassion. A good Tai… Read more »

Tai Chi Training FAQ: Can You Learn from Tai Chi Videos?

Can Anyone Learn Tai Chi?

There is an extensive body of research on the benefits of Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese mind-body exercise system. Regular practice can keep away or manage the symptoms of a host of medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and cardiac diseases. It can also help you cope with chronic pain and stress. So it is… Read more »

How Do I Find a Tai Chi Class Near Me?

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The many physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits of the ancient Chinese healing art of Tai Chi have been extensively studied in the West. Now that these benefits are well-publicized, interest in Tai Chi has increased considerably. Many people want to take it up to live long, healthy, and productive lives while doctors advise practicing… Read more »

Can Anyone Learn Tai Chi and Benefit from It?

What are the Health Benefits of Tai Chi?

The Chinese mind-body exercise system of Tai Chi has become popular all around the world as an alternative healing method with many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Many stress-weary and disease-ravaged individuals want to take up Tai Chi to improve the quality of their lives and keep healthcare costs in check. But can anyone learn… Read more »

How is Tai Chi Different from Yoga: A Comparison

How Do I Learn Tai Chi Chuan to be an Effective Fighter?

Distracted by media. Weighed down by competition. Straddled with debt. Reeling under stress. This is the life of the average man on the street in the West. It is not hard to figure out why the West has embraced the healing arts of Tai Chi and Yoga so readily. Tai Chi and Yoga are mind-body… Read more »

Where is Tai Chi From: Explore the Roots of an Ancient System

How does Qi Gong differ from Tai Chi

Do you often see groups of people, young and old, practicing some form of exercise with slow flowing movements in parks? It is a common sight all over the world. The exercise is Tai Chi, and it dates back about 2,500 years to ancient China. You will find it hard to believe, but Tai Chi… Read more »

Benefits of Tai Chi

Benefits of tai chi

Those who teach Tai chi movements are always talking about the benefits of tai chi to the consumer public. These benefits include increased health, wellness, balance, strength, peace of mind, self-defense, etc. All of these perceived benefits of tai chi can greatly enhance a person’s ability to live a better quality and longer life. These… Read more »