Recent Studies Show Using Tai Chi for Diabetes Patients Is Meeting with Success

Tai Chi for diabetes

If you believe what you read, you have probably noticed that more information regarding the use of Tai Chi for diabetes patients as a form of therapy keeps coming to light. While Tai Chi is undoubtedly an ancient Chinese martial art, the Chinese have long known that regular practice offers an amazing array of health benefits. Only here in the western world do we continue to question the effectiveness of something that has been proven to work for many centuries.

For decades now the most common form of treatment used in the treatment of Type II diabetes has been the use of insulin in various forms including self-injection and significant diet modifications. However a number of studies conducted at prestige locations such as the University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology in Beijing and several other universities around the world have shown that regular practice of Tai Chi for diabetes can help improve the diabetic patient’s blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

The vast majority of these studies were conducted using a control group that took part in another form of exercise or took a health education class.  The studies took place over a specified number of weeks and each group was required to attend the same number of classes per week, this would make it possible to perform a more accurate comparison. The results of these studies into using Tai Chi for diabetes control showed that participation in a regular program offered noticeable drops in triglyceride levels.

Studies show Tai Chi for Diabetes…

One such study showed an average drop of over 28.0mg/dl in those who took part in the Tai Chi for diabetes classes as compared to only 17.0mg/dl in those who took the other classes.  Just these results alone should be enough to convince most people with Type II diabetes that participating in Tai Chi Chuan classes can prove to be worthwhile. Even if your results are not this good, keep in mind that Tai Chi is an exceptionally good form of aerobic exercise that can help to improve both your physical and mental health.

You should however keep in mind that Tai Chi for diabetes is not intended to be a substitute for any medications you are on or the diet that your doctor has prescribed for you. You should always consult with your doctor before undertaking any form of exercise and never make any changes to your medications without their express approval. As long as you take part in a class with a professional instructor, Tai Chi can be a perfectly safe form of exercise that can help to lower your blood sugar levels naturally and help you to become more physically fit and active.

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