Qigong for Lungs to Improve Your Ability to Breathe

qigong for lungs

Qigong is an ancient practice that plays a major role in traditional Chinese medicine, it is the method in which a person can control the balance of their own Qi or life energy as it flows throughout their body.  Qigong for lungs exercises are a combination of conscious breathing methods, physical movements that are centered on specific postures and the ability to enter into a meditative state. In Chinese medicine the term Qi can be interpreted to mean breath just as much as it can life energy and is considered to exist in all elements of the world around us including ourselves.

Our Qi is said to nourish our bodies and our spirit, when it becomes out of balance or is present in insufficient quantities, illness and disease can occur.  The quality of our Qi is regulated by our breath and in turn it is said that the quality of our breath is regulated by the health of our lung meridian. This is one of the 12 meridians of the human body that are directly related to the energy of the various organs of the body such as the heart, kidneys, liver and so forth. These meridians run vertically through the body, but all get their start where it is said that life begins which is the lungs.

Qigong for lungs exercises are performed to keep the entire system functioning at its peak and to help keep your Qi properly in balance. These exercises consist of a number of highly coordinated movements, often referred to as forms that must be performed precisely and in a very specific sequence in order for you to gain maximum benefits from them. They tend to be quite powerful in nature and involve twisting and flexing your torso along with breathing exercises and movements of your arms, all done with the sole intention of strengthening the area around your lungs.

As such the movements involved in Qigong for lungs are done while taking long deep breaths that help to increase the oxygen content of your blood calm your mind and relieve stress. This also serves to raise the level of your Qi and distribute it more evenly throughout your body, which in turn helps to keep everything in balance and keep your body in a much healthier state. In a recent study, conducted by the National Institute of Health, Qigong lung meridian exercises have been found to be helpful in preventative health maintenance programs and to reduce a person’s stress levels.

Here’s a Video on Qigong for Lungs

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