How Do I Become Certified to Teach Tai Chi?

For many centuries, the healing art of Tai Chi and its practices were shrouded in secrecy, and only a few people outside of China knew about its almost magical benefits. Kudos to those enterprising individuals who have lifted Tai Chi out of obscurity, brought it to the notice of scientists in the West, and encouraged Westerners to learn it. If you want to help others learn the art to enhance the quality of their lives, choose to become an instructor.

How Do I Become Certified to Teach Tai Chi Professionally?

How Do I Become Certified to Teach Tai Chi Professionally?

However, before you rent a space and roll out the ads, you have to get your Tai Chi training certificate. A certificate establishes your credentials and also encourages prospective learners to choose you over other instructors who may not be as decorated as you are.


How to Obtain a Tai Chi Teaching Certificate

How do I become certified to teach Tai Chi? Aspiring Tai Chi teachers who are bothered by this question can take heart. You don’t need previous teaching experience and in some cases, not even prior training to obtain a certificate.

If you are an experienced practitioner of Tai Chi, you can enroll for a short instructor training program offered by various Tai Chi learning centers. You will be tested at the end of the program before being certified. Depending on your performance, you will be awarded a certificate to teach at a particular level—basic, intermediate, or advanced.

If you have not learned Tai Chi, then you will have to go through a course to learn the principles, philosophies, and practices of this system. At the end of this course, you will be eligible to apply for a teaching certificate. You will be assessed before being awarded the certificate.

A Tai Chi teaching certificate is actually a Master’s approval and acknowledgement of your ability to teach. The standards of assessment vary across institutions because there is no single regulatory body that defines a common yardstick to train and evaluate prospective teachers. So it helps if you obtain your certificate from a reputable institution that has a history of producing exemplary students. The credentials of the Tai Chi Master who has certified you are also critical and can distinguish you from your peers in the eyes of prospective students.


How to Prepare to Obtain a Tai Chi Teaching Certificate

There are many different styles of Tai Chi. Some styles focus on the healing and relaxations aspects of the art while some others concentrate on the self-defense techniques. If you are vying for a teaching certificate, choose the style of Tai Chi you want to specialize in.

How Do I Become Certified to Teach Tai Chi Professionally?

How Do I Become Certified to Teach Tai Chi Professionally?

Apart from knowing about the various moves and routines of a specific Tai Chi style, an instructor should also possess some theoretical knowledge of his art. Whatever the level he teaches, a Tai Chi instructor is expected to know about the theory and philosophy behind the exercises. He should know about the concept of qi and how it affects the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of a person. And of course, he should be able to explain all of these lucidly to the students. So before applying for a certificate, ensure you have the knowledge and the skills for which you will be tested.

A Tai Chi teaching certificate expands your career prospects considerably. Whether you want to open your own school, work at a spa retreat, or attract more people to your psychotherapy or acupuncture practice, a certificate will get you noticed in the midst of a crowd.


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