3 Meditation Relaxation Exercises

Meditation Relaxation Exercises

Meditation Relaxation Exercises Lung Breathing

First, start these relaxation exercises by establishing a deep relaxed breath. Inhale and bring in as much air as possible without making yourself tight. Then exhale and let yourself melt releasing every ounce of tension in your body. This exercise can be done either standing or sitting in an up-right position. Make sure to maintain a good posture and don’t let yourself collapse as you move into deeper relaxation.

Now after you have found your rhythm and your breathing is smooth start to roll your shoulders. First, focus on breathing into the back sides of the lungs by inhaling as your shoulders are circling up and back. Having the shoulders in the rear position will release tension across the back of the lungs giving them more room to expand and contract. Do this for at least 6-12 slow deep breaths.

Next change direction, focusing on breathing into the front sides of the lungs. This time roll the shoulders forward and down as you inhale. Do this 6-12 times with a slow relaxed breath.


Spine Conditioning

This exercise can be done in either a standing or sitting position as well. Begin by finding a deep relaxed breath. Then on your inhale start at the base of the spine moving each vertebra independently, roll the spine in a wave like motion all the way up to the crown then exhale as you roll forward. Continue this to the front position 9-12 times moving slowly and trying to listen internally to everything in your awareness.

After you have finished the forward rolling turn 45 degrees to the left and roll 6-9 times to this side then repeat on the right. Spine conditioning is extremely important and should be done every day to maintain good health.


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Abdominal Conditioning

With this training exercise start slowly. If you feel any cramping stop immediately and take a few slow relaxed breaths. The first few times you train the abdomen only do sets of ten and do not push your limit with the range of movement. If this is easy for you slowly increase by 3-5 repetitions and do this for a few days; if it feels good add a few more. The goal is to build stamina slowly and safely.

1. In and Out

This is the easiest of the abdominal drills. You can place your hand on your abdomen to assist lightly and to help increase your awareness of the movements. With this movement the abdomen moves in towards the spine and back out again; repeat with a slow rhythm.

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2. Rolling Up and Out

This movement is done by making a wave like motion rolling the abdomen in towards the spine moving up to the lower rib cage extending forward and down, pushing out to the front. As with the previous exercise use the hand to help guide and build awareness.

3. Rolling Up and In

This movement is done by making a wave like motion rolling the abdomen up to the rib cage in towards the spine and back down again. As with the previous exercise use the hand to help guide and build awareness.


4. Circling Left and Right

The abdominal muscles in this movement circle clockwise and counter clockwise. With the use of your hand place the palm on the abdomen and circle the hand in one direction following the movement with the abdomen. Abdominal conditioning will help you build energy and increase your ability to store the energy you are creating with your training. Practice daily; this is easy to do because you can do it any time, while you are doing dishes, taking a shower or sitting at a red light. There is no excuse not to practice!


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