The use of sounds in Qigong

sounds in qigongThe sounds in Qigong

Sound is used in some forms of Qigong for various reasons primarily including the stimulation of various meridians (energy channels) and as a focal point for meditation.

The organ channel sounds are as follows:

Xu – For the liver, associated with the color green

He – For the heart, associated with the color red

Hu – For the stomach/spleen, associated with the color yellow

Si – For the lungs – associated with the color white

Chui – For the kidneys – associated with the color blue

Xi – For the triple burner (upper, middle and low Tan Tiens), visualize balancing the heat between the 3 centers. (Upper is cool, middle warm, lower hot)


Meditative sounds in qigong:

Om – “Changeless strength and beauty we all possess the body bring peace, bliss, clarity, firmness, courage, stability and strength.”

Ah – “The ceaseless expression and prevailing energy of reality the speech brings energy, openness, expansion and empowerment.”

Hung – “The unmoving perfection of reality’s primordial openness the mind is for the attainment of enlightenment, infinity, essence and oneness.”

Hmm – a sound for stimulation and focus.


These sounds can be used at a normal volume but can also be used sub-vocally.

One of the most well known forms of sound based qigong is the Six Healing Sounds Set (Liu Zi Jue). This set is ancient, dating back in verified documentation to the around 400 A.D. and used for nurturing health and well-being.


The use of sound in qigong can be a sticking point for new practitioners as it tends to make them self conscious and nervous.  If this is the case for you I encourage you to persist.  If you are in a reactive state where something as simple as making a few sounds causes anxiety then the calming effects of qigong will be most profoundly beneficial for you.  It is urgent to develop the ability to bring yourself into a relaxed state as your normal mode.  This is because a persistent reactive (fight or flight) mode is incredibly taxing on our health and immune system.  Freeing yourself from this stress-cycle is one of the most potent things you can do to improve your health and enjoyment of life.

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