Like having a live in Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor:

Develop your home practice with Sifu Jeff Patterson’s training materials, as featured on

How To Meditate:

The easy to read, accessible Q&A format teaches you how to use meditation for:

  • Deep relaxation
  • peace of mind
  • Clarity
  • Stress Relief

Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation:

  • Sense of calmness
  • Reduce stress
  • Help overcome anxiety
  • Deep relaxation
  • Deep, natural uninterrupted sleep

Detoxification Movement Meditation:

This Series Teach How To:

  • Move into deep relaxation
  • Develop a profound mind-body connection that will lead you to a healthier lifestyle
  • Enhance your inspiration and creativity
  • Build stronger connections with the people in your life
  • Increased Libido
  • Increase your self awareness
  • Develop a magnetic attraction to success
  • Attain precision focus

Sifu Jeff Patterson has been teaching meditation and internal martial arts for 21 years. Thousands of students are benefiting from his teachings. He has traveled the world training with some of the best teachers and practitioners in the field and continues to grow with his training. Meditation and internal martial arts have been his passion in life. It is his desire to help as many people as possible to realize the benefits of the internal path. Sifu Patterson lives in Portland, Oregon.


“My stress level is down.. I’ve lost nine pounds [in less than 2 months]… I enjoy it!”

-Becca, A happy new member of our Qigong and Tai Chi community