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Tai Chi and Qigong Exercises – Resilient Strength and Flexibility Video #1





These Tai Chi & Qigong exercises provide excellent therapy for those with compromised balance.  Start with the 2nd modification shown in the video and gradually work your way up to full raises.  Focus on smooth controlled movement as your priority.  Avoid lifting high or fast where you are regularly losing your balance. It is much better do just a slight lift with the leg and keep your stabilization muscles loaded.  Work Tai Chi & Qigong exercise  in 3-4 short sets throughout your day.

If you are already strong in the hip then push your range of motion.  Lift the leg as far as you can in each direction with slow smooth control.  Identify your weaker side and focus on building it up to match your stronger side in strength, range of motion and balance.  Many injuries are due to an imbalance of strength and ROM in the body.  This type of training will help us avoid those problems.


The Tai Chi & Qigong Leg Raises are an example of an exercise you can work as a lifestyle adjustment.


Qigong exercises

Rather than just focusing on a daily training session we want to find many small adjustments and actions we can take throughout our days.  Our end goal is to have most of our time and activity aligned with our goals of health and vitality.  Even with a daily practice session if the balance of all our choices trends towards disease we will have a hard time seeing progress.  That said, do not fall into the overload trap where you try to change everything all at once.  Make small sustainable adjustments.  We’ll build that pattern of health over the next couple of months.


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