Tai Chi and the Art of Yielding

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Tai Chi and the Art of Yielding In the Internal Martial Arts there are three different kinds of yielding physical, mental, and emotional. Learning how to apply these different kinds of yielding into your everyday life can open up many … Read More

Yang Style Tai Chi Saber Warm ups and Introduction

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The Yang Style Tai Chi Saber   This is a great practice e to your Tai chi training. The Yang saber form is very dynamic and fun to train. With this form you will build your endurance, strength, coordination, and … Read More

Develop the Coordination, Agility and Strength of a Tai Chi Master

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Learn Some of the Foundational Exercises That Make a High-Level Tai Chi master. This warm-up routine is designed to build basic coordination, strength, and flexibility so you will be able to perform the Tai Chi movements with ease. While this … Read More

3 Basic Yichuan Postures to Improve your Immune System

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Yichuan is an ancient internal martial art. There are four areas of study in Yichuan. 1- Standing Meditation 2- Walking Meditation 3- Test of Power Exercises 4- Push hands The practice of Yichuan is a great addition to any martial … Read More

The Most Beautiful Self-Defense: Fan Form of Tai Chi

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Tai Chi Fan is a very beautiful practice. It’s like an intentional dance that emphasizes body awareness and mindful meditation. Observers and participants both can become easily entranced in the methodological and calming forms. Using weapons in Tai Chi is … Read More

Physical Therapy Sucked, Tai Chi For Physical Therapy Stuck And Worked

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Tai Chi For Physical Therapy. For anyone that’s worked in a restaurant you know that it’s a beating for your body. You’re on your feet all day carrying heavy and lopsided trays, stooping over cash registers, and twisting to reach … Read More

Tai Chi as an Alternative Treatment for ADHD

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Tai Chi as an Alternative Treatment for ADHD. Experiencing forgetfulness, anxiety, and impulsivity are things that everyone goes through at one point or another. When it becomes a persistent pattern matched with hyperactivity and limited attention, it can be diagnosed … Read More

Tai Chi Stress Managment

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Understanding stress Stress is one thing. “Stress is anything that disturbs your equilibrium.” -Psychology Today Our bodies respond to these disruptions the same no matter what the source. The body responds with physical tension (prepare to fight or run even … Read More

Tai Chi Posture Training

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Sit up straight! We’ve all heard it before. What we didn’t know then is that having an open posture is one of the simplest, most powerful things we can do to be healthy. Awareness of posture and how important it … Read More

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